A Feast of Funiture Machinery Industry in South China

From November 8 to 11, 2017 China (Guangdong) International Furniture Machinery & Material Fair will be held in Dongguan, the world-renowned manufacturing city with a strong furniture industry. The fair is organized by Famous Furniture Fair (3F) and has gained notable recognition in the region as well as the whole country.

With over 1,500 standard booths spreading around 30,000 sq. meter of space, the fair invites active market players all over China to showcase their latest products and technologies in automation, smart manufacturing, customized furniture, environmental supply chain and more.

The exhibition scope includes four major areas:

Machinery & equipment: Furniture machinery, intelligence manufacturing & numerical control machines, wood-working machinery, green environmental-friendly equipment, panel machines, carving machines, testing instrument, cutting tools, accessories, wood transportation, uploading and downloading equipment.

Materials: New materials, logs, panels, decorative materials, wooden half-finished products, hardware accessaries, fabrics and leather, coating materials and binding agents.

Computer systems & softwear: CAD drawing technology, ERP system and 3D printing.

Other equipment: dust sucking, ventilation and packaging.

We went to this fair last year and it’s a fairly informative event to help you understand the Chinese and Asian furniture machinery market. If you are interested in doing business with China in this area, it’s a good start to gather information and create connections.

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